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Ummah Bayt-Al-Mal


£1.11GBP  x  1.11MillionMuslims   =  £1,232,100.00GBP Per Month

This meticulously designed, flawlessly engineered and strictly sublime product cuts through all major facets of fitnah attributed to such transactions form the point go. We ask Allaah SWT to ensure the Sadaqah Jariyah contribution of £1.11 pence to be accounted from that which is 100% pure of ones monthly sustenance, as Allaah SWT is al-Hasib. Secondly, we are confident that this strategically set amount will in sha’Allaah achieve its intended goal of promoting equality, steadfastness and unity amongst the followers of the final messenger of Allaah SWT. And finally, we ask Allaah SWT to make it easy for the Ummah to adhere to the strict payment date set for the sole purpose of achieving unison in the Ummah. Ummah Bayt-al-Mal humbly presents to the world its exclusive & pioneering donation package:


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Get Involved NOW!


Set up a Standing Order for  £1.11GBP ONLY. This payment should ONLY

be made on the 28th of every month.


A voluntary personal challenge of informing 111 Muslims about the Triple One Campaign. Start with your own household and work outwards. Do your best and

Allaah SWT will do the rest.

                  THE TRIPLE1DEADLINE

We have set a 111 hour deadline from the launch date by which 1.11 million Muslims have to be participating in the Triple1 Campaign before deadline expires.


Ways to Set Up a Standing Order

1. Online Banking

2. Telephone Banking

3. In Branch

4. In person over the counter

Our Account Details

Account Name: Ummah Bayt-Al-Mal

Account Number: 6 2 8 0 7 3 8 6

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